Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Familiar, Yet Different

The only imperative this evening was to ride. I cut through West Bend on the Eisenbahn State Trail, then headed almost straight north to the New Fane mountain bike trails. I figured there would be a couple of familiar faces among the fat-tire folks, so I stopped for a few minutes to say hello. When I resumed I didn't have any idea which route I wanted to take home, I knew only that I didn't want today's route to be a simple out-and-back. I ended up with a pretty decent little 30-miler, using nothing but familiar roads but putting them together in a combination I don't think I have used before. It's nice to have options. Recently I rode with a visitor from Colorado who was blown away by the intricate network of rural roads that we take for granted. Today I was very conscious of how fortunate we are to be surrounded by such great roads and such great trails.

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