Sunday, March 6, 2011

Lots To Like

Week Four ends on a fantastic note, and Week 5 should be even better.

The end of Week Four of my preseason preparations finds me in good spirits.  Today’s program called for an hour on the trainer but instead I bundled up and rode outside.  It was only 30 degrees but it was sunny and there wasn’t much wind.  Things are different this year: I’m not as averse to riding in cold weather.  Better clothing has helped, but mostly I really want to ride.  I’m hungry for it and willing to endure temperatures I would not have endured before.

After today’s ride I watched the Versus broadcast of the opening stage of ParisNice.  Versus will have same-day coverage of each stage this year, an honor usually reserved for the Tour de France and the Tour of California.  TirrenoAdriatico begins on Wednesday and I’ll keep up with it by visiting Cyclingnews and VeloNews.  (Too bad I don't get the Universal Sports channel.)

The last of this winter’s trainer parties will run from 9 a.m. until 12 noon this Saturday at Mutual Mall in West Bend.  The movie will be Joe Kid on a Stingray, a very entertaining documentary about the early days of BMX.  If you want to see the trainer party series come back next winter, then please attend this Saturday.  Attendance hasn’t been good enough to warrant a fourth season, but I’ll keep it going if enough people show interest.

With next Sunday comes Daylight Saving Time.  To me, its return is as precious as any holiday.  And racing returns to Wisconsin next Sunday with the Kenosha Velosport Spring Criterium Series.  I won’t be competing but I’ll be looking for familiar names in the results.

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