Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Take It Easy

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy.
A week has passed since I felt a pop in my right thigh during a softball game.  The leg is healing well but I took myself out of the lineup tonight to prevent any further injury.  I’m one of 14 guys on the roster and tonight everyone was present.  Playing the last-place team, there was no reason for me to take a risk.  I kept the scorebook while my teammates posted an easy 16-4 victory.

At the ballpark I jogged a little bit just to test the leg and it didn’t want to go full speed.  But I’m not having any discomfort on the bike.  I rode on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  If the weather permits, I’ll get out again tomorrow.

Friday is looking good for Bike-to-Work Day in West Bend and I plan to be there.  It will be weird to ride around for a couple of hours before work, but working from home now gives me that opportunity.  On Saturday I plan to ride with the Washington County Bicycle Club, a 40-mile road ride at an easy pace.  Sunday must be another mountain biking day.  I need some practice at Greenbush in advance of the WEMS race on May 28.

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