Thursday, October 27, 2011

Round And Round, Round 2

Back in September I thought I had figured out my optimal configuration of bikes and wheelsets.  Unfortunately I didn’t figure on the Equation wheels—stock on the Diamondback Steilacoom—being compatible only with Shimano/SRAM 10-speed cassettes.  So much for using them on the 9-speed Giant OCR1, which I had devoted to indoor training.  Here’s the new plan:

I mounted my Mavic Aksium Race wheels on the Steilacoom and have used them with much satisfaction in cyclocross races and for training rides on the Eisenbahn State Trail.  I mounted the Equation wheels on the Raleigh Competition, now that my road bike season is over.  I will use the Competition for indoor training.  The Equation wheelset—unimpressive though it otherwise may be—has the advantage of being fully-compatible with the road bike and the ’cross bike: no cassette change required.  Over the winter I intend to acquire a new wheelset for the Competition.  I will use the Equations only indoors unless a broken spoke or some other failure demands a quick change to keep the Competition or the Steilacoom rolling outside.

I have decided to sell the Giant OCR1 with the Easton EA70 wheelset, a nice deal for somebody.  Selling the OCR1 and my Giant FCR3 will cut my fleet in half, but that’s OK because the Competition and the Steilacoom complement each other so well.  And I still would like to add a mountain bike for the occasional WORS/WEMS race.  Selling my backup bikes will free up some space and generate some much-needed cash, perhaps enough to fund the mountain bike completely.

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