Sunday, September 22, 2013

Exquisitely Bored

A new season of The Simpsons begins next Sunday.
Since breaking my collarbone two weeks ago, I have been challenged to fill the hours that I would have spent on the bike and in the weight room. In some ways, I have turned the clock back 25 years to a time when I wasn’t an athlete. Autumn 1988 found me in my native Pittsburgh where I enjoyed music, movies, sitcoms and televised sporting events. In the last two weeks, entertaining myself has consisted of this:
  • 22 music albums
  •   7 James Bond movies
  •   4 other feature films
  •   3 Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games
  •   2 University of Pittsburgh football games
  •   2 Penn State University football games
  •   2 Pittsburgh Steelers football games
So, I found something like 60 hours of entertainment … or at least distraction, because you wouldn’t describe me as “entertained” when my favorite teams lose. That part of my personality has been consistent throughout my life, but in many other respects I am not the same person I was in 1988. Here in 2013 there really is no substitute for physical activity, especially outdoors. This afternoon I went out for a 1-hour hike but it turned painful after only 30 minutes. My left shoulder started to ache. It needs a little more quiet time. At least my spirits were raised by the fresh air, sunshine and wooded trails.

Also today, I finally got around to inspecting my mountain bike for damage from the crash at Lake Geneva on Sep. 8. I may have bent the rear derailleur hanger, but the bike seems OK otherwise. The bike was shifting badly going into the race, so the hanger will be just one more thing to address. And there’s no rush … just like the Steelers’ offense.

Medically, the next step for me is a consultation with a surgeon at Froedtert Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. I hope to come out of that meeting with a surgery date. Right now I feel like I can’t make any plans and I want a timeline for my recovery.

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