Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fishin’ For Ambition

As the coldest winter in 30 years drags on here in southeastern Wisconsin, it is pretty hard to get excited about the 2014 cycling season. I would not be surprised to see another late opening of the mountain bike trails and another shuffling of the early dates on the WORS calendar, just like last year.

Today I posted my ideal personal racing schedule for 2014. Last year I did most of what I predicted I would do. This year’s schedule is more ambitious and takes me in directions that I didn’t go in 2013. It may prove to be too much, or good results in the early mountain bike races may compel me to chase series points across the entire schedule, or I may decide to do even more on the road, but at least I now have something to motivate me to train harder. And that’s important right now, because the clock is ticking and I need to recommit to my indoor bike trainer.

Of course, the schedule as posted today doesn’t include cyclocross. It will be months before the WCA announces its 2014 dates. I will do some of those races but it would be silly of me to “save myself” for cyclocross. Let me have fun this spring and summer and then I will give to cyclocross whatever I have left when fall arrives.

Outside of competition, I'm really looking forward to the Washington County Bicycle Club season and to more hours and more miles on the road in general.

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