Saturday, April 26, 2014

Final Recon For CR 2014

This evening I did a final check of the Cheesehead Roubaix route and I am pleased to report that everything is ready for tomorrow. Jay Road is not flooded, so no detour will be needed. Even if we get a little rain in the morning, Jay Road should remain open.

I have updated the cuesheet to remove the reference to a portable toilet at Dr. Weber Park in Newburg. It’s not there, and there are no toilets at the start/finish in Fireman’s Park. That means the first toilet will be at Yahr County Park, mile 6.2. Plan accordingly. Yards are not bathrooms. These are my home roads and the people who live along them are my neighbors. Be cool.

Bathrooms at the rest stop in Belgium are open. That’s mile 27.5. And bathrooms are open in Waubedonia Park at mile 48.0. These are good places to throw away energy bar wrappers and other trash. Let’s have no litter on the route. Again, be cool.

Carpool if you can. Park your vehicle somewhere other than Fireman’s Park if you can. Newburg has plenty of on-street parking. We don’t want to fill up Fireman’s Park to the exclusion of its other users.

Be prepared for rain. I am bringing front and rear lights and I suggest you do the same. Most of these roads have very little motor vehicle traffic, but you are still responsible for your own safety and for adherence to Wisconsin traffic laws. If it’s raining, motorists will not expect us to be out there. Be visible.

Finally, be cool to each other. If someone needs your help, give it. Completing the route safely and having fun are your first priorities.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Thanks Dave as always for your preparation of the route and the riders! See you tomorrow!