Sunday, January 22, 2017

Get While The Gettin’s Good

Nice weekend! For me, back-to-back days above 40° meant back-to-back days on the bike for the first time since November 26-27. I rode solo on Saturday, really just cruising around town to check the condition of the park paths. A lot of them continue to be compromised by snow and ice. I saw deep ruts in the unpaved part of the Eisenbahn State Trail where the asphalt ends, so I stayed off. Today was an altogether different experience: a 40-mile road ride to Lake Bernice and back with Jeff Wren. It was slow, but that didn’t matter. This is January, so being able to ride outside at all is a treat. Today’s ride was my longest ever in January, and my first 40-miler since October 29. I’m at an even 100 miles for the year. In 2015 I set a personal record of 241 miles in January. I don’t think I will top that this year, as sub-freezing temperatures will be back in a few days. But tomorrow might be 40° again, and that will draw me outside for a few more solo miles.

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