Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February’s Foggy Farewell

February ended today with more unseasonable warmth, but also with rain and fog. It was a good day not to ride a bike. I finished the month with 11 rides for a total of 285 miles, a personal record that tops the 205 miles I rode in February 2016.

In a typical year I don’t start to string together outdoor rides until roughly March 10, so it’s a bonus to reach the end of February with 405 miles already in my legs. I had counted on just 50 in January and another 50 in February, but our mild winter has allowed for much more.

Still, winter is not over. Some of the heaviest snows I have ever seen have fallen in March. As I write this, we’re under a winter weather advisory: probably a couple of inches tomorrow and perhaps a dusting on Thursday. We’ll be melting it on Saturday, though, and by Sunday afternoon we might get to 60° again.

What can you expect from me in March? I’m not sure. I definitely want to return to the Fox Valley Bike Sale in Oshkosh on Saturday the 18th, hopefully pairing that occasion with another attempt at the Wiouwash State Trail, which last year proved too wet to ride. And on Sunday the 26th I might throw myself into the Screw City Cyclocross Classic in Rockford IL, not with the expectation of a good result, but because I could use a big injection of intensity. By March 26 I will be only 6 weeks away from the start of the WORS season, and my training will have to be much more structured than it has been so far this year.

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