Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Happy 50th Birthday, Jeff Wren!

Jeff and me at the 2014 Gravel Metric in DeKalb IL.  (Amy Dykema photo)

I won’t get all mushy but this does seem like a good occasion to point out how lucky I am to have Jeff as a friend. If you read this blog frequently, then you probably guessed that already. His name comes up again and again because we race together, train together, volunteer together, and have remarkably similar tastes and goals when it comes to cycling. Paved roads, unpaved roads, mountain bike trails, rail trails, cyclocross courses … you’ll find us there. As competitors we’re very evenly matched, and my friendship with Jeff has helped me to understand that a rival isn’t the same thing as an enemy. We make each other better, and what more could you ask of a friend than that?

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