Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Finally: 5,000 Miles In 2020

Today was the first 60° day in West Bend since October 17, so after my overnight shift at work I elected to stay up and make use of the warm sunshine. The result? I finally got the last 30 miles I needed to reach 5,000 this season. Now, this slow effort on zero rest didn’t meet any definition of training, but that’s OK. I’m just happy to reach the 5,000-mile plateau for the 7th time in my 17 seasons as a cyclist.

It looks like we’re in for a streak of 60° days between now and next Monday. Care to guess when we last strung together 7 consecutive days of 60° or warmer? It was September 21-27. So, yeah, October wasn’t great and we’re probably seeing all we’re going to see of decent weather in November. With 5,000 miles in my pocket and a handful of pleasant afternoons still to exploit, I’m now shooting for 5,114, which would push this season into my all-time Top 5.

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