Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Weekend Of Cycling

The northern Kettle Moraine has its share of tough little hills.
Thanks in no small part to unseasonably warm weather, it was a great weekend of cycling!  This morning I rode up to New Fane for the Cream City Cycle Club ride.  I was one of 14 riders on a really nice route with a few tough hills.  The route itself was about 45 miles, but riding to/from New Fane brought my total for today to 70 miles.

Back at home, I had lunch and did some channel surfing until the 4 p.m. broadcast of Paris-Tours on Versus.  Unfortunately, that’s the end of racing coverage until next year; Versus won’t broadcast next weekend’s Giro di Lombardia.

Next weekend could be my last big cycling weekend in 2010, and I’m hoping for decent weather but I won’t expect anything like these last two days.  On Saturday the 16th there’s a Bay View Bicycle Club ride at Dundee—probably over many of the roads I traveled today, but that’s OK—and on Sunday the 17th I’d like to do the Loberg Century out of Cedarburg.  I’ve done 13 metric centuries in 2010 but not a single 100-mile ride.

Whatever next weekend brings, I should be rested for it: I don’t expect to ride at all between now and then.

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