Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy To Get 'Cross

Today’s Washington County Bicycle Club ride took us from the county fairgrounds to Grafton for PumpkinCross, part of the Wisconsin Cycling Association’s cyclocross series.  Watching from the sidelines, I explained some of the techniques to a couple of fellow club members who hadn’t seen cyclocross before.  It was a good time, and there were lots of familiar faces among the racers and in the crowd.

I think it’s a good thing for the club to show its support for other cycling events in the area, even if they are not road events.  Today it was cyclocross; back in May it was a mountain bike race in Greenbush.  Making such events “rest stops” on our club rides is an easy way to build a closer cycling community and to raise the club’s profile.  It’s not unthinkable that someone might notice us in our club jerseys and decide that it would be fun to be part of a club that takes an interest in different aspects of cycling and cheers for its friends even when they swap their skinny tires for fat ones.

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