Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A New Opportunity

WEMS, not WORS, might be the right choice for my first year of mountain bike racing.
Yesterday WEMS added two new races to the 2011 calendar.  A series to which I thought I could not commit now appears to be a very attractive option.  It’s less expensive than WORS and it draws a smaller crowd.  Competing in the 3-hour races, I wouldn’t start until 3 p.m.  Even figuring some time for warm-ups and mandatory pre-race meetings, I wouldn’t have to be at the race venues until, say, 12 noon.  That means no worries about overnight travel or very early morning departures.  If I had to choose right now, my 2011 racing calendar would look like this:

05/01 WORS: Iola Bump & Jump
05/14 WEMS: Stump Farm 12
05/28 WEMS: 12 Hours of the Northern Kettles
07/02 WEMS: Thunderdown in the Underdown
07/16 WEMS: Levis/Trow 100
08/21 WORS: Border Battle
08/28 WORS: Reforestation Ramble
10/01 WEMS: Wisconsin Endurance Championships

Iola is on the list because I would want a race under my belt before I get into the WEMS calendar.  The Border Battle in on the list because I want to build a family vacation to the Twin Cities around it.  This is all still somewhat speculative except for May 28, to which I am firmly committed.

So, what about road events?  It’s very doubtful that I will do any WCA or Wisport races this year.  But I will be there for Cheesehead Roubaix and for most of the Washington County Bicycle Club calendar.  I’m still waiting to see whether there will be a fast group ride out of West Bend on a weeknight.  That would be a nice addition to my training.

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