Thursday, July 7, 2011

Almost Like Old Times

Because sometimes "hard" and "fun" are one and the same ...
The new Thursday evening group ride is still trying to find its audience.  We had five riders tonight and that’s OK but more would be better.  Our route was reminiscent of “Patrick’s Pedalfest of Pain,” the memorable Pedal Moraine ride from July 2008.  That route was conceived as a hill climber’s delight; tonight’s route just sort of grew into one as we improvised.  We headed southwest to Cedar Creek, then north on Hillside Drive.  We cruised past Little Cedar Lake and then up Scenic Drive.  Then we took on Schuster, a maiden voyage up the tough hill for one of our companions.  Beaver Dam Road brought us back into town and to the base of Jefferson Street Hill, the hardest climb in West Bend.  Up we went, hot on the heels of another group of cyclists who also had decided to challenge themselves.  They took a breather at the top while we charged down Green Tree Road.  A few minutes later we were back at the high school parking lot, satisfied with our 30 miles and our 17.3 mph average speed on such a hilly route.

Help spread the word about this ride.  It will get better as it attracts more participants.  Remember: it’s a no-drop group ride designed to average 17-19 mph.  Each week we take a different route and each week at least one of our riders discovers a road he has never ridden before.  You can stay informed about the ride by visiting Facebook.

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