Saturday, July 16, 2011


I’m not sure where I’m going but I’m riding as if it were very far away.  I sort of have in mind that July will be my first 1,000-mile month.  Actually, anything more than 800 miles would be a personal record.  I’m already at 517 and the warm, dry weather just keeps calling me outside for more.  And I guess right now it’s not altogether bad just to be rolling up big miles, as I enjoy doing it and there’s no real competition goal in the immediate future.

My original plan for today was to ride the century route of the Bay View Bicycle Club’s Lake Country Classic in Oconomowoc.  But with no ride partner, a pretty serious threat of rain and a strong desire to use the registration fee for something else, I spent my morning with the Washington County Bicycle Club on the Brat ’n Hell route.  There’s one more club ride this month—East of Eden, July 30—and I plan to be there for it.  WCBC attendance has been much better this year and I’ve been there for six of the seven rides so far.

I want August to be more performance-oriented, so I’m looking at the Kirke Vei Time Trial (Wisport) in Cottage Grove on the 20th and the Reforestation Ramble (WORS) in Suamico on the 28th.  The TT has a non-aero division that would work for me.  The mountain bike race is on perhaps the least-technical course in the series, and I’m looking to build confidence after a bad introduction to mountain bike racing in May.  My desire to be ready to compete in those races will shape my training over the next six weeks.

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