Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Building Confidence

In preparation for Saturday’s Kirke Vei Time Trial, this week I am limiting my mileage but riding with more intensity.  I’m trying to sharpen the legs and get more rest, simultaneously.  After a rest day last Friday, I rode only 30 miles on Saturday and 25 on Sunday.  Those were decent efforts, but not spectacular.

Yesterday I gave a more serious effort on the Eisenbahn State Trail.  I rode the 15.6 miles from my house to Main Street in Campbellsport in 58 minutes, then needed just 54 minutes to return home.  I averaged 16.7 mph on a 31.2-mile route that includes about 24.5 miles of gravel.  Not bad.

Today I averaged 18.5 mph on a solo road ride following this 27-mile route, counter-clockwise:

I climbed sensibly, descended and cornered well, rode strongly on the flats and never felt like I was overextending myself.  My perceived effort suggested perhaps 17.5 and not 18.5 mph, and I’ll take that as a good sign.  I need to feel strong going into the TT.

My softball team will play its final regular season game tomorrow and that will keep me off the bike, but the rest day will be good for the legs.  I’ll come back on Thursday with a road ride on which I must ensure optimal operation of my Raleigh, then on Friday I will do a short ride on my Giant FCR3—probably another Eisenbahn excursion with a few sprints.  It will be an early-morning drive to Dane County on Saturday and I won’t risk the Raleigh on Friday evening as there could be inadequate time to address a new mechanical issue.

So, I’m feeling good physically and I think the bike is going to be fine too.  What will that mean in terms of my performance vis-à-vis those of my competitors in the non-aero classification?  I don’t know, but it should be fun to find out.

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