Saturday, August 6, 2011

Déjà Vu ... Uh, Again

Yes, it's the same picture.  Why wouldn't it be the same picture?
Today I did my first century since last fall, riding 100 miles in 5:38 for an average speed of 17.7 mph.  I did the first 75 in the company of Jim Saueressig, riding from West Bend to Grafton, then on to Port Washington, Belgium, Cedar Grove and Oostburg, our turnaround point.  The return trip took us through Dacada and then to Jay Road where we were surprised to encounter Jimmy Scharrer.  Five miles later we spotted my neighbor Mark Kaphingst, out for a ride with a friend.

With so many good cycling roads from which to choose, it’s remarkable how frequently I have chance meetings with cyclists that I know.  On my last century—Oct. 17, 2010—I had random encounters with both Jim and Jimmy.  Just like today, we hadn’t shared our ride plans in advance.  The meetings were the result of a remarkable series of in-ride route choices and timing.

Back in West Bend at mile 75, Jim and I headed to our respective homes.  I refueled and rehydrated, then returned to the road to complete my century.  On the final 25 miles I didn’t see anyone I knew and that’s OK.  At that point all I wanted was to get done, get showered, and get dinner.

I must give a shout-out to Diana De Mint-Behrend of Slinger, who rode 100 miles today in celebration of Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday.  She reports that the hills on her route took a toll, but she stuck it out.  That’s a fan!

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