Friday, May 10, 2019

2019 WCA Cyclocross Schedule

Today the Wisconsin Cycling Association announced its 2019 cyclocross schedule. It looks pretty good to me, but it differs in several ways from the 2018 schedule.

These races are out:

  • Cross of the North @ Wausau
  • UW-Whitewater CamRock CX @ Cambridge (scheduled, then canceled in 2018)
  • Diablo River Cross @ Appleton (scheduled, then canceled in 2018)
  • Sunnyview Cross @ Oshkosh

With the demise of 3 of its 5 original races, the Hinterlands sub-series will no longer exist. That’s too bad, as it was a nice way to reward people for racing outside of the I-94 corridor between Milwaukee and Madison.

This race has moved:

  • 2018 USA Cycling Midwest Regionals @ Sun Prairie
  • 2019 USA Cycling Midwest Regionals @ Chicago IL

And this new race is in:

  • Kenosha Kutters Kross @ Kenosha on August 24

That’s right, folks, the new season will begin on August 24! I am loving that, and I hope it’s as hot as hell. Cold weather holds no charms for me, no matter how “Belgian” it supposedly is. And further to that point, I might even survive long enough to see the state championships this season, pushed back to November for the first time since 2011.

The Chicago folks get the Midwest Regionals and they’re welcome to it. I’ll bet they get it next year too, as a prelude to the 2020 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships in suburban DuPage County.

So, I’m excited! But I’m also cautious. It’s very common for races to disappear between the springtime release of the schedule and the actual dates. Have fun thinking about the season ahead, but don’t overthink it!

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