Monday, August 16, 2010

Assume The Position

"How do you like my frame pump now, young scalawag?"

Today is my 10th consecutive day off the bike. I haven’t ridden since the day of my crash. As of yesterday I am behind last year’s pace, but that doesn’t really matter anymore because I have abandoned any hope of reaching 5,000 miles this year. As I have been stuck on 3,170 since Aug. 6, and as I am still injured, I would be very content just to hit 4,000.

My left shoulder is a long way from healed. I am regaining range of motion bit by bit, however I am still unable to raise my arm straight out to the side or straight out to the front. There’s no chance that I will play softball this Wednesday, but I will be at the ballpark to coach first base for my teammates as they try to win a tripleheader and become league champions.

I could have gotten back on the bike already, but I was hoping to recover enough for softball and I didn’t want to risk aggravating the injury. Now it’s clear that I won’t be playing, so there’s no good reason to delay my return to cycling. But the road bike will have to wait a little longer; I wouldn’t be comfortable leaning so far forward and bearing so much weight on my hands. For a while I will use only my flatbar Giant FCR3.

I’ve gained just 1 pound during my layoff and I still feel reasonably fit. Tomorrow evening I will head up the Eisenbahn State Trail, bound for Kewaskum at least and maybe for Campbellsport. We’ll see. It’s not going to be a test of my fitness; I just want to get going again. A mere 20-30 miles tomorrow, that’s all I ask. I think the legs will respond well. The big question is whether my left shoulder will complain. Even with the FCR3's upright riding position, there will be some load on my left shoulder and fatigue could be an issue. I will let you know tomorrow night.

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