Sunday, August 22, 2010

Vulpes fulva

I saw one of these today near Decorah Elementary School.

For a guy who’s just two weeks removed from a crash that resulted in a separated shoulder, I guess I’m doing OK. Yesterday I reported that my 30-mile road bike ride got pretty uncomfortable, but today’s 50-mile ride on the Eisenbahn State Trail has me feeling confident that I’m recovering well. The plan for this week is to bang out a few 25-mile rides after work and maybe test my legs with some of the faster roadies on Thursday. My plans for next weekend are clearly in focus: on Saturday do the Washington County Bicycle Club ride—a good climbing test on a route that’s a little harder than is typical for the WCBC—and on Sunday join Jimmy Scharrer for his GemütlichBIKE 100k. Jimmy’s plan is to relax at Germanfest when we return to West Bend. Sounds gut to me.

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