Thursday, February 9, 2012

Family Affairs

Today I did my first hike since December 26.  It was only 1 hour at Ridge Run County Park as the sun was setting, but it was nice to get outside.  A steady breeze made today just a little too cold for a bike ride.  Hiking was a good substitute … and something I could share with my daughter:

She has my eyes and her mother’s nose, but her own fashion sense.

My son didn’t come home immediately after school today, so he didn’t know about the impromptu hike until my daughter and I returned.  He said he wouldn’t have accompanied us anyway, because hiking "is boring … like cycling."  He has my eyes and his mother’s disinterest in my athletic and outdoor pursuits, but his own head up his ass.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hanrahan went grocery shopping this evening and began preparing all the tasty snacks that will be provided free of charge at Saturday’s Washington County Winter Bike Day.  She has her mother’s nose and her paternal grandmother’s infallible instincts in the kitchen, but nothing I can make fun of if I know what’s good for me.

And I know what’s good for me.

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