Saturday, June 18, 2011


My father died today.  I will spend next week in Pennsylvania with my mother, sister, extended family and friends.  Dad’s death was neither sudden nor surprising.  I am saddened by it, of course, but I also feel relief that his struggle is done and that my mother and sister can begin to move on to happier pursuits than the vigils they kept this week.  Dad lived his last years in a long-term care facility as dementia robbed him of his ability to care for himself, to recognize his loved ones and, eventually, to communicate.  His mind underwent a shockingly rapid decline while his body endured, and we lost more of him each day.  At the end, grief is dulled by long use.

Some of my readers knew to expect this news.  I am grateful for their understanding and support.  By next weekend I will be back in West Bend, back on the bike and, hopefully, in possession of some good news to share with you.

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