Monday, June 27, 2011

Spanning The Mighty Milwaukee

More than a year ago I mentioned that West Bend was replacing an old snowmobile bridge with a nice new one that would link Quaas Creek Park and Wingate Creek Business Park.  Construction of the bridge and the boardwalk that leads to it was completed a few weeks ago but until today I didn’t have a picture.

The picture shows the bridge from its north end, looking south into Quaas Creek Park where it joins the Riverfront Parkway.  Heading north from the bridge is a 200-yard gravel path to the corner of Stockhausen Lane and Enterprise Street.  The old span was used mostly by snowmobiles, but the new bridge, boardwalk and trail extensions are very welcoming for cyclists and pedestrians.  And there’s a new canoe launch, accessible by boardwalk on the south side.  What was a remote corner of the park is now a key piece of the city’s infrastructure for non-motorized transportation and recreation.

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