Monday, November 14, 2011

Memory Lane

I’m working my way through a big stack of cycling magazines that I acquired second-hand last Friday.  (Thanks, Jim!)  The oldest is from 2003 and it’s interesting to see where the sport was then.  In 2003 I bought a mountain bike just to ride around town a couple of times a week to keep my legs in shape for the softball season.  I wouldn’t think of myself as a cyclist until 2004, but by the summer of 2003 I was starting to peek at cycling magazines, websites and TV coverage.  I didn’t yet understand the sport’s terminology and tactics, its history and traditions, or the extent to which doping brought into question the results of almost every major race.

I have made it through all of the issues up to and including December 2006.  In my own development as a cyclist, 2006 was the year of my first road race.  But in the pro peloton, Operación Puerto and the Floyd Landis debacle at the Tour de France made 2006 a disastrous year.  Flipping through these old magazines is a little depressing.  On the other hand, it’s great to see the Fassa Bortolo kit again, and Paolo Bettini, and Mario Cipollini …

There are better days ahead.  Tomorrow I dive into the stack from 2007, knowing that a brilliant Tour de France awaits.  I also climb back on the bike after resting today.  I have workouts scheduled for Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday (a light one) in preparation for Sunday’s state cyclocross championships.  I confess that I’m not 100 percent committed to the race, but as the weather forecast improves so too does my outlook.  I suppose I can live with 30 minutes of cold, but I can’t live with cold and wet.

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