Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thanks, I Needed That

Any ride that includes part of the Cheesehead Roubaix route is a good ride in my book!
I haven’t had anything nice to say, so I haven’t said anything at all.  This was a bad week.  But my spirits are somewhat restored by the sunny, 64-degree afternoon we had today.  I did a 35-mile solo ride on my cyclocross bike, averaging 17.3 mph on a route with little elevation change, plenty of wind, and half a dozen chance encounters with other cyclists taking advantage of the unseasonable warmth.

I did this route today, counter-clockwise. Strong south winds encouraged a mostly east-west route.

I rode last Saturday and Sunday, and again yesterday.  The rides have been fairly short—I’ve ridden just 110 miles this month—but if I can get outside consistently between now and the end of the month I should set a new personal best for miles in November.  My current record is just 257 miles, set in 2009.  I will be off work all of next week and on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  If the weather cooperates I may even make a run at another 5,000-mile year.  I’m now at 4,610.  My 29er is still in the shop, so mountain biking plans are on hold.  That’s bad news for skills development but good news for my mileage total.

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