Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Giddyup, Giddyup

By   riding 409 miles this month I established a new personal best for November. My previous record was 350 miles, set in November 2015. It’s my third monthly record this year—February and October were good to me too—and I’m at 5,561 miles, year-to-date. I won’t beat the record of 6,236 miles I rode in 2015, but with decent weather I might make a run at a monthly record for December. Anything more than 175 would suffice.

I got to 409 this month with a bunch of short rides. I rode 17 times, so that’s only 24 miles per ride on average. (But it’s way better than the equivalent amount of time on the turbo trainer!) For comparison, I rode 19 times in September, 19 times in May, and 15 times in April. I rode most frequently in August (23) but my highest mileage total came in July (796). This month’s weather allowed me to ride more often than I expected. I kept the rides short, though—nothing longer than 35 miles—as a concession to limited daylight. In December there will be even fewer available hours and I will be almost exclusively a weekend cyclist … if that.

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