Monday, July 29, 2019

Summer-wise And Some ... Otherwise

Today’s top priority, bike-wise, was to ensure my tubeless cyclocross tires are properly sealed and inflated. That may seem like a strange concern in July, but ’cross is coming! Practices at West Bend’s Royal Oaks Park begin on August 13 and the first race is on August 24 in Kenosha.

But last weekend belonged to the road. I did a rare morning ride on Saturday before volunteering at the Little Cedar Lake rest stop on the Wisconsin Women Century. On Sunday I watched the final stage of the Tour de France before heading out for a fast 50 miles with Jeff Wren (Team Extreme) on many roads west of I-41 that we had not visited since the days of the Washington County Bicycle Club. So close and yet so far, I guess; I-41 is a substantial obstacle.

Despite a modest start—just 25 miles today—this should be a high-mileage week for me. I want to stretch it out this week and then taper next week in preparation for the Little Apple 100, a gravel road race in Manhattan IL on August 11. But …

Today’s top priority, other-than-bike-wise, was to start looking for a replacement for my 2003 Dodge Caravan. That’s my daily driver, and it’s near death. This has been an expensive year already and replacing a vehicle is no small thing. There may be some cuts coming to my racing schedule.

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