Tuesday, September 15, 2020

New Look From Garmin Connect

Well, that’s neat. When I uploaded today’s ride data to Garmin Connect, I got a colorful map to show where I was faster or slower. That’s a new feature from Garmin Connect, but it’s not a new idea. Back in 2016 during a Garmin Connect outage, I discovered FitTrackView, and in this post you can see that same color-coded speed indicator. I don’t know whether Garmin bought the idea, stole the idea, or serendipitously hit on the idea, and I don’t care. It’s neat. I’ll take it.


  1. Good call-out! Looking at my own rides, I initially thought "green" = "fast", so I was excited that Garmin thinks I ride fast all the time. Then I realized "red" = "fast"... so it looks like I'm not fast :-/

  2. I would have swapped the colors from a UX perspective