Monday, November 9, 2020

Record-Breaking November Weather

That was fun! Today was the 6th consecutive day above 70° in West Bend. The weather wasn’t just good, it was historically good. Average for this time of year is only 49° and we didn’t simply exceed the average, we set all-time highs.

Why was it so warm? Because we had a steady supply of brisk winds from the south. And those winds were limiting: I rode frequently but I didn’t ride long. I was on a diet of 90- to 120-minute rides during the last week. On a couple of occasions I might have ridden longer if we were still on Daylight Saving Time, but it was hard enough to work overnight, then sleep a few hours, then complete a worthwhile ride before the sun went down.

Over the last 7 days I racked up an even 200 miles in 12 hours. That brought my mileage total to 5,170 this season, the 5th highest total in my 17 years as a cyclist. As I was approaching 5,000 miles I considered stopping there and making 2020 a reference season, but the arrival of this unusually warm weather compelled me to keep going.

My cycling season might be over now. Tomorrow’s temperature will be well above average again, but rain probably will keep me off the bike. And after tomorrow the temperature will drop back into the 40s. I’m cherry picking from now on. If we get another unexpected round of freakishly good weather, then I’m game. Otherwise, I’m done.

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