Sunday, January 24, 2021

The 2021 Hugh Jass West Bend Weekend

The Hugh Jass Fat Bike Series was back in West Bend this weekend. Yesterday the series returned to Regner Park, where it enjoyed such a successful debut in 2020. Today it visited Riverside Park. Racers competed for Strava segments on a course topped with a couple of inches of fresh, overnight snow.

Stopping at the registration tent allowed riders to warm up next to a campfire.

If you didn’t have your own fat bike, then you could rent one.

Riverside is a big park, so you could find yourself riding alone … not a bad thing during a pandemic!

Or you might just ride with another member of your own household. That’s what Team Pedal Moraine’s Brad & Samantha Heckert did:

Yeah, things were pretty laid back today, but at least the wheels were still turning!

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