Thursday, April 15, 2021

Breaking Ground South Of Town

This is a big deal! Bike Friendly West Bend, the City of West Bend, Washington County, the DNR, the DOT … lots of different groups have looked at the southern terminus of the Eisenbahn State Trail over the years and always they have agreed that the trailhead needed to be improved. Standing in their way, however, was a telephone company whose buried lines in the old railroad corridor might be compromised by construction. All opposition is finally laid aside and the trailhead improvements are coming soon! Watch for off-street parking, a portable toilet, a bike repair stand, and other amenities. The new trailhead will have come a long way from its origins. Check out this picture I took in 2004, before paving and even before the old rails were pulled from the road:

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  1. That is good news! I always always thought it was odd that there was no real parking on Rusco Road where I always start my Eisenbahn rides. Now we just need a quaint coffee shop with homemade goods next to the new parking lot :-D