Saturday, August 7, 2021

Still Rolling

Since I embraced foam rolling in December 2012, I have made it an almost daily part of my training. Even on days when I don’t ride my bike, I still stretch and spend a little time with the foam roller. And I know there’s debate about the effectiveness of foam rolling, but if I am really only relaxing for a few minutes, then at least I am relaxing for a few minutes. There’s precious little of that in my life.

My original foam roller went out with this week’s trash. Its departure was long overdue. I had pretty well worn out all of its resistance—for the last few months it was more foam than roller—and it was starting to go to pieces, shedding little black dots all over my carpet. So, now there’s a new one and I haven’t missed a beat. As with most training tools, consistency is the key to results. I’m convinced foam rolling helps me to avoid soreness and even cramping.

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  1. I haven't gotten to foam rolling yet, but it took me some 25+ years of cycling before I learned that regular stretching really does help cycling. I used to think that not being able to touch my toes (not even remotely) was a badge of honor because of my tight hamstrings caused by a lot of cycling and no stretching. Being more flexible through regular stretching helps one feel less fatigued during and after a ride, not to mention that a more flexible rider can get lower on the handlebars and be more aero.