Tuesday, December 4, 2012

200 Rides

I’m proud of the milestone I reached today: 200 rides this year.  I took advantage of the sunny, 54-degree afternoon to ride during my hour-long lunch break.  If not for the 20-30 mph winds, I might have taken the whole afternoon off!  Sure, even in Wisconsin there are people who ride year-round, regardless of weather.  Good for them.  I’m not the fair-weather-only rider I used to be—my 2004 season began on March 26 and ended on Oct. 29—but I still have my limits.

It has been a real pleasure to ride on each of the first four days of December, but now I might be done.  I don’t see anything I like in the 10-day forecast.  But with just 68 miles to go for a 5,000-mile year, I could find just enough motivation to ride on a couple of days that otherwise wouldn’t be appealing.  We’ll see.  By this time in 2008, I was already into my indoor trainer workouts.  The longer I can put those off without seriously compromising my bike-specific fitness, the better.

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