Tuesday, January 8, 2013

13 For '13

To the person who plowed the old Woodford Drive bridge: Thanks! ... And, why?
It wasn’t much of a ride, but it was a ride.  I took the 29er out for a 13-mile spin on my lunch break today, mostly sticking to the Eisenbahn State Trail but making occasional forays through city parks and quiet residential areas.  Last year I did my first ride on Jan. 5, but I didn’t do another one until Jan. 10.  Tomorrow’s weather should be nice enough to allow me to get ahead of last year’s pace … unless high winds keep me sidelined, as they did on Monday.  Whatever: any outdoor miles in January are bonus miles.


  1. U rock Dave! You'll probably get more miles in than me this month after all. With some family health matters needing my attention, I've only managed 97mi. Looks beautiful back there with the clean snow.

    1. I followed Tuesday’s ride with another 13 miles on Wednesday and 18 more today, so that’s 44 miles year-to-date. I should be able to get out again tomorrow for another lunch hour ride. Saturday has real potential: 46 degrees and partly sunny. I can do something a little more ambitious … 2 hours out in the country, perhaps. Then a cold front arrives and we drop into the 20s again, and that will be too cold for me.

  2. I'll be at home shivering on Sunday watching the streaming feed from the 'cross nationals in Madison. I know sub-thirty° is too cold for me too.