Friday, January 18, 2013


(L-R) manager Nick Moroder, local cyclocross legend Patrick Brock and store owner Bill Koehler
On Monday a new bike shop opened in Mequon and this evening I got to see it for the first time.  Simply put, Belgianwerkx is like no other shop in the area.  From the understated and elegant presentation of the sales floor to the cutting edge Retül bike fit studio, Belgianwerkx offers superior equipment and services for cyclists who take their sport seriously.  Jeff Wren and I spent an hour learning the basics of the amazing Retül technology and lusting for the gorgeous road and cyclocross bikes from Cannondale, Focus and Ridley.  Belgianwerkx is also a retail partner for made-to-order Seven bicycles, passing a customer’s Retül measurements to the manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit.  Impressive stuff … and surprisingly affordable for the level of equipment and expertise on offer.

Belgianwerkx is new but it’s already making an impact on cycling in the area.  Sounds like there might be a Monday shop ride (recovery pace) for the racer crowd this spring.  The shop will sponsor the Giro d’Grafton criterium in this summer’s Tour of America’s Dairyland.  In the fall, the shop will sponsor a Masters cyclocross team.  And despite an absence of mountain bikes from its retail lineup, the shop is already working with the volunteer group that will build a new Ozaukee County trail system later this year at Pleasant Valley Nature Park.  It’s a great start.  Wishing you all the best, guys!

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