Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Something Different

See, I don't always go through Newburg. Today's route took me around West Bend, counter-clockwise.

Today’s ride didn’t take me anywhere I had not been before, but it was enjoyable for its novelty nonetheless. There are some roads that I almost always ride in just one direction. Take Congress Drive, for example. For every time I ride it southbound from Newburg, I probably ride it twenty times northbound. I was a little pressed for time after work today, so I stayed close to home for a fast 25 miles over a route that combined familiar roads in a way that was new to me.

I had less time than usual because I had promised to help with trail construction at Pleasant Valley Park. I was there for two hours with two other volunteers and we made good progress. A 1-mile section of beginner-friendly trail should be ready to open soon. It will be a while for the more advanced trail sections, as they will require bridge construction and a lot of additional earth work. When complete, the new system will be a lot like New Fane, but you won’t need a state trail pass. I’m looking forward to having another option.

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