Sunday, August 31, 2014

An August Mileage Record

By riding 809 miles this month I established a new personal record, beating the 756 miles I rode in August 2011. I am kind of surprised; this month was mostly about preparations for the upcoming cyclocross season. Every Tuesday was dedicated to cyclocross practice at Royal Oaks Park and that was hard work for sure, but good for only 10 or 11 miles per session. I took a total of six rest days, including every Monday. And there were a few mountain biking days this month that yielded just 16 or 17 miles apiece. But my road rides were long: they averaged more than 44 miles, and the 114 miles I rode on Aug. 2 is the longest ride I have ever done.

My highest monthly total is 1,020 miles, set in July 2011.

My year-to-date total is 3,793 miles, so it looks like I will exceed my “official” goal of 4,470 and should be able to reach 5,000 miles for the third time in the last four years. My all-time best of 5,113 was set in 2011 and I wouldn’t mind pushing that record out a little farther. But the accumulation of miles is secondary; the primary training goal for the remainder of 2014 is to stay fit enough and fresh enough to go deep into the cyclocross season.

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