Thursday, March 5, 2015

2014 Resolution 66

The black loop now includes about 1/3-mile of additional trail not shown on this old map.

Next Tuesday, March 10, the Washington County Board of Supervisors plans to vote on a series of measures collectively known as 2014 Resolution 66. It’s a joint agreement with the City of West Bend in which several parcels of land will change hands. For the cyclists of Washington County, the big items on the list are the transfer of jurisdiction for River Road from County Highway NN all the way north to Washington Street (State Highway 33) and the transfer of Ridge Run from the county parks system to the city’s Department of Parks, Recreation & Forestry.

The city will be able to construct sidewalks along River Road near the high school, creating a much safer environment for students who walk or ride bikes. And bicycle access to Ridge Run is long overdue. Aside from the rickety boardwalk—it almost feels unsafe for walking—there’s no good reason to exclude bikes. As a county park, Ridge Run’s trails are off-limits, but as a city park it should be open to us. If approved, 2014 Resolution 66 would make Ridge Run a city park in January 2016.

This morning I emailed my county supervisor to urge him to support 2014 Resolution 66. Now I urge you to contact your supervisor. You can find the list of supervisors and maps of their districts at the county’s website.

This is a big deal! Please take a minute to contact your county supervisor. Approval of 2014 Resolution 66 will mean safer routes to school for West Bend students and miles of additional trails for off-road biking!

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