Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Grand In Hand

Today’s road ride put me over 1,000 miles for the year. April 11 is now the earliest date on which I have hit that milestone. Here’s the breakdown going back to 2004, my first year as a serious cyclist:

2015 April 11
2014 May 08
2013 May 13
2012 April 14
2011 May 16
2010 April 29
2009 May 12
2008 May 22
2007 May 28
2006 June 14
2005 June 22
2004 Sep. 04

I didn’t keep statistics in 2003, but I know I didn’t reach 1,000 miles that year. I rode just a couple of hours per week from spring until early autumn, using the bike only as an exercise machine to make my legs strong for softball. Even 2004 is a statistical outlier in many respects. I finished that year with just 1,454 miles. At the time, that number represented a major shift in my commitment to cycling, but it was quickly surpassed.

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