Monday, January 25, 2016

First Ride Of 2016

Today in West Bend we got above the freezing mark for the first time since January 15, and with dry roads and only a light breeze it was time for me to do my first bike ride of the new year. I covered 20 miles at 13 mph. That’s not far or fast, but it didn’t matter. I just wanted to get outside.

Prior to today, my last ride was way back on December 23. Not coincidentally, that was our last 40-degree day. Actually, it was our last 50-degree day too. When the weather turned on us, it turned in a hurry. Today I rode my 29er, running very low tire pressure in anticipation of some snow and ice. And I found some in the parks, but none on city streets. A few parks were completely inaccessible to me. Others, like Regner and Riverside, were at least partially open.

The forecast calls for a little more snow overnight and a return to daytime highs below 32 degrees. Can’t say when I’ll get outside again. I had a record January in 2015: 11 rides for a total of 241 miles. I won’t come close to those numbers this year, but that’s OK.


  1. I admire you crazies that ride in the cold (and dark). When it gets below 45 degrees, my brain freezes when biking so I opt not to do it :-P I've got around 300 indoor miles in for January which for me is insane... this is the first year I've actually ridden indoors and liked it, thanks to Zwift.

    1. I didn't start riding in January until 2012, when an investment in good winter cycling clothes made a huge difference. Still, if it's below 32 degrees or wet or windy, I'm not interested. My racing season starts much later in the year than those of my criterium racer friends, so anything in January is a bonus.