Thursday, August 15, 2019


Today I surpassed 70,000 lifetime miles since I began this cycling lifestyle back in 2004. And that means I also have surpassed my mileage goal for this season: a modest 3,087. I will keep riding, of course, and next season’s goal will be whatever I still need to reach 75,000 lifetime miles. I’m trying to hit 100,000 on my 60th birthday in 2025. That will be an eye-popping number to impress my non-cycling friends … and maybe even some of those who do ride.

Another goal has come into view: 100 lifetime metric centuries. Despite all the miles, I don’t do many long rides. But I ride frequently—an average of 192 times per year for the last 5 years—so the miles add up! Reaching 100 lifetime metric centuries is a cool goal and I’m only 14 away. A couple more this year, then a big push next year and I’m there.

I have done only 15 standard 100-mile centuries, and I don’t really want to set a target for more. I feel confident that there will be more, but I don’t want to commit myself to a number. One of these days I should do a solo century—all of mine have been in the company of other riders—and I might take a shot at centuries on back-to-back days. I intended to do that on the MS 150 Best Dam Bike Tour in both 2006 and 2007, only to have each Sunday shortened by the ride organizers due to bad weather after successful rides on both Saturdays.

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