Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Hitching A Ride

New car. New bike rack. This should work.

Ah, but where to go first? Rain has crept into Sunday’s forecast for the Little Apple 100 gravel road race in Manhattan IL, and as that possibility increases my interest decreases. We’re still a few days out; it’s not time to abandon those plans.

The WCA announced today that it has abandoned its plans to open the 2019 cyclocross season in Kenosha on August 24. So, we’re now looking at Flyover Silver Creek CX in Manitowoc on September 7. I would have liked one more warm weather race, so I’m not glad to see the cancellation. On the other hand, it’s more time to prepare. It may prove true that my first trip with the new bike rack is only as far as Royal Oaks Park, where cyclocross practice will begin next Tuesday.

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