Sunday, February 23, 2020

Brief Relief For Cabin Fever

(Jeff Wren photo)

This was a nice weekend for February. The last time we had a matching Saturday and Sunday above 40° was December 21-22, and this weekend we had lots of blue sky and bright sun to add to the cheer. I rode for more than an hour yesterday and for about an hour and a half today. But that’s all until March; there won’t be any rides for me in the week to come.

Monday will start with a meeting between Bike Friendly West Bend and Jessica Wildes, the new Marketing and Communications Director for the City of West Bend. BFWB wants to build a closer relationship with the city to bring bicycle tourism to the area and, of course, to develop new amenities for local riders.

Monday will continue with a 12-hour shift at work, the first of five consecutive 12-hour shifts. That’s 60 hours total, and the 20 hours of overtime pay will be very welcome. But it’s going to be a challenging week. On a normal week it’s all I can do to get enough sleep to keep going, and in the week to come there will be fewer hours in which I can make my feeble attempts. Whatever may come, I will gut it out at work. I have no other choice.

The wildcard is the weather. We may receive several inches of snow on Tuesday and Wednesday, and that would add significant hardship for me. I’m rooting against it, of course, but if it does come then I might be back on the snowshoes next weekend.

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