Sunday, May 3, 2020


This weekend we had back-to-back 70° days with lots of sunshine. Hard to complain about that … unless you were riding a bike. My original plans for long days in the saddle were wiped out by high winds. If you don’t ride, then you can’t imagine how limiting and frustrating it is to battle unrelenting 20+ mph winds. I settled for 30 miles on Saturday and 20 miles today. At least I didn’t have to wear four layers to be warm enough. I won’t be able to say that in the week to come. The 10-day forecast shows a March-like pattern in which we will struggle to reach 50° in the afternoon and our nights will literally be freezing. I thought we were done with that. I was going to start my vegetable garden this weekend; now I’m looking at May 16-17, maybe.

I supplemented today’s too-short bike ride with a 90-minute evening hike around Ridge Run Park. From the time I left home until the time I returned, the temperature dropped 20°. Fortunately I had enough sense to take a jacket to the park. I needed it within the first half hour.

One of these days we’re going to be able to say we had truly nice weather. No asterisk. Not nice but windy. Not nice but cloudy. Not nice for Wisconsin. Just nice. But it won’t be anytime soon.

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