Monday, August 31, 2020

August 2020: A Mileage PR

This month I rode 835 miles to set a new personal record for August, beating the 827 miles I rode in August 2018. June 2020 was a record month too, and hopefully September 2020 will be. These are nice little goals in a season without racing.

My record for September is 800 miles, set in 2009. It’s the oldest of my monthly records, so it’s a good target for an upgrade. In subsequent Septembers I haven’t come close to 800 miles:

Throw out 2013. I spent most of that September recovering from a badly fractured collarbone. My average in the remaining nine Septembers was 590 miles. I never got within 100 miles of a new record. But I think I can this season, because there’s nothing to distract me. In 2011 I started racing cyclocross, and that led to a lot of low-mileage weekends. Two fairly ordinary weekends are the difference between a 590-mile September and an 800-mile September, so I like my chances.

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