Saturday, August 22, 2020

Meeting My 2020 Mileage Goal

On today’s ride—the loop displayed above, completed counter-clockwise—I surpassed my primary mileage goal for 2020. And based on my recent history, there was little doubt that I would surpass 3,530 miles. Nevertheless, that was the goal because that was the number I needed to hit for 75,000 lifetime miles, and I like my round numbers. Next year’s goal will be whatever I still need for 80,000 as I continue to work on the longer-term goal of 100,000 by the time I turn 60 in June 2025.

Reaching this year’s goal with so many good weeks of riding still to come, I’m pushing on for 5,000 miles and I think I’ll get there before the end of October. But another target of opportunity has appeared: a personal record for the month of August. I’m now 215 miles away with 9 days to go and, at least for now, a very favorable weather forecast. It’s almost a moral imperative to chase that record. With no races or special events this year, my only competition is my past performance.

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