Monday, March 5, 2012

To Persevere And To Plan

Watching the pros is fun, but the clock is ticking on my preseason preparations.
My new road bike saddle arrived on Saturday and I installed it immediately.  It probably saved my weekend training plans, as I’m not sure I would have found the motivation to use the indoor trainer otherwise.  I was really bummed out by the heavy snow and frigid temperatures.  Being able to ride outside so frequently this winter has spoiled me, and I really haven’t enjoyed indoor training sessions since beginning my formal plan three weeks ago.

I haven’t ridden outside since Feb. 22 but this week looks promising.  We’re supposed to reach 50 degrees tomorrow and Wednesday, and I will try to get outside in spite of the high winds and threat of rain.  Thursday and Friday look a little cooler but still OK.  If Saturday really is sunny and 50, then I might stretch myself out a little with a longer ride.  My longest ride of 2012 is only 33 miles.  At some point this week I’ll have my new wheelset and getting outside for a test ride will be a must.

Today’s mail included the 2012 WORS Racer Handbook.  Some of my teammates already have signed up for the entire series.  For me it will make more sense to register for races individually, as I don’t expect to compete in all of them.  The last two or three races of the 12-race WORS calendar will conflict with my cyclocross plans, and a couple of others are just too far from home.  Here’s my current guess for my own racing calendar:

     5/06 Iola Bump & Jump             (WORS)
     6/03 Big Ring Classic             (WORS)
     6/17 Battle of CamRock            (WORS)
     7/07 Stump Farm 12                (WEMS)
     7/21 South Kettle Classic         (WEMS)
     7/22 Sunburst Showdown            (WORS)
     8/04 Bryce Master 19K Time Trial  (ABR)
     8/18 Kirke Vei Time Trial         (Wisport)
     8/19 Subaru Cup                   (WORS)
     8/26 Reforestation Ramble         (WORS)

I don’t know when to expect the release of the WCA cyclocross schedule, but I think the season could begin as early as Sep. 8.  I’ll be ready for it if I follow the schedule above.

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