Saturday, September 28, 2013

And Then It Starts All Over Again

Here is the home gym as seen from my trainer-mounted road bike.
The state cyclocross championships are 10 weeks from today. I have decided to train as if I were going to race for the Cat 4 Masters 45+ title. Today I worked out indoors, “riding” a bike for the first time since breaking my collarbone three weeks ago. (It was my first trainer ride since Apr. 10.) My doctors say indoor trainer workouts are OK. I’m sure they picture me sitting perfectly upright with my left arm in a sling, but I am able to ride on the tops and on the hoods without any trouble.

I will be 13 weeks post-injury on December 7. That’s a lot of healing time. When I thought surgery was inevitable, I thought my cycling season was over. Now I’m not sure, so I will try to rebuild my fitness and keep my options open. I was in good shape when I got hurt and I think I will rediscover my legs. Today’s trainer session was a modest start: an easy 60-minute spin. Over the course of the next two weeks I will increase the intensity. Even if I get discouraging X-rays on Oct. 14 and I lose all hope of riding again this year, I can follow a less ambitious training program and start building my base for 2014.

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