Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A 2014 Cheesehead Roubaix Gallery

Riders on Sunday’s Cheesehead Roubaix were lucky to have Moroder Photography on hand to capture so many great images! To see the entire gallery you will have to visit Facebook, but here’s a preview:

Yours Truly, addressing the riders just before the start.
ISCorp Cycling Team’s Kyle Jacobson leads the way on Lovers Lane.
That's Dan Schaefer of Team Fond du Lac/Oshkosh Cyclery.
Julie Phelps was one of several Big Ring Flyers on this year’s ride.
Team Extreme’s Jeramey Werbelow pulls into the rest stop.
Volunteers from Belgianwerkx served up the rest stop goodies!
Jadon Jaeger recovered from a flat tire in time to catch the leaders as they resumed.
Here’s Jimmy Scharrer, still looking fresh at Waubedonia Park.
John Norman and his son Rowan head toward the finish line.
Thanks again, Moroder Photography! The pictures really capture the range of emotions brought out by the ride. Some of the participants were all business and you can see it in their eyes. Others were there just for fun and their smiles are infectious.

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